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"Do You Really Know
What Your
Programmers Are Doing?"


Information Technology is emerging as one of the key battlefields of the future. While securing networks with firewalls, gateways and intrusion monitoring software against attacks from the Internet are appropriate countermeasures; those efforts have the functional equivalence of flimsy cockpit doors against malicious coding activities to the source code by attacks from programmer “insiders.” Furthermore, the dramatic growth of the offshore development industry raises serious concerns about the theft of intellectual property as well as the very integrity of the source code being produced. IT workers often steal code and sabotage software projects with almost total impunity.

Application security vulnerabilities are the most significant categories of security problems challenging senior IT Executives today. The threat to the source code that executes the business rules, policies, strategies, and proprietary secrets on which organizations function has never been greater. Securing the software development environment against “insider” attacks and IP theft is the critical priority for all companies today.

Mintaka's web services offer a secure software collaboration environment with a proactive security posture that increases real time vigilance of programmer activities, mitigating the threat of application security vulnerabilities and reducing an organizations' operational risk.

Mintaka's secure collaboration environments offer superior business intelligence capabilities to protect and support development projects, while allowing for the prerequisite flexibility and growth in a robust security strategy.

Mintaka combines an in-depth understanding of collaborative software development with extensive consulting experience. Our secure collaboration environment signals the next generation of software development security.

Develop software in a secure collaborative environment and police the extended enterprise in real time.



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